This Land of Ours


This Land of Ours


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“In this Land of ours the impossible happens and the possible take a back seat. The keen-sighted cannot see, the sharp-eared cannot hear, and the eloquent cannot speak. The shout of the giant falls on deaf ears, while the scream of the ant break the sound barrier”. Like a prophet, the poet unveils the issues of yesteryears to assail us like the events of yesterday. Anomie sums up the poets exploration of our mother land riveting with verses of corruption, delusion, hypocrisy, murders and wanton underdevelopment of our land.

In mind blowing images, Abubakar Gimba nudges us to reality in this land of our where “… thirsty hips drown in floods of tears, yet the drought-stricken souls abode is by a river…”



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