Letter to the Muslim Fundamentalist


Letter to the Muslim Fundamentalist

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Do the words “Muslim fundamentalist” scare you? Relax. Read this book with an open mind, and the unsettling bug would leave you.

Letter to the Muslim Fundamentalist is a critical barb that drives deeply into the hard surface of one of the leading issues in world politics today: religion. Gimba, with frankness, and readability invites readers, especially those ill at ease with the divine essence of Islam, to a journey of a rethink, discovery, understanding and appreciation of its teachings.

Though addressed to the Muslim, Gimba’s Letter is a literary excursion that cuts across the religious divide. It advocates moral re-armament, warns against fanaticism, imperial recklessness, religious extremism, intolerance, and challenges Muslim while inviting non-Muslim to mutually beneficial convergence in the pursuit of justice. truth and peace which respects each group’s identity.


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